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Sony Lanc


Supported Camera

  • Sony FS5
  • Sony FS7
  • Sony FX6 (can also be controlled via IP )

Exhaustive list of compatible Sony camera are listed here.


ControlSony LANC
Exposure : Iris, Gain, Shutter and ND Filter1
White balance : AWB/ATW
Lens : Iris, Zoom, Focus2
Other : REC, menu navigation


Lanc camera can be controlled directly via port 2 of the CI0/RIO-live (local) or RIO (remote).

cyanview-support-Sony-Lanc-CI0-RCP cyanview-support-Sony-Lanc-RIO-RCP

Connection is done with a CY-CBL-6P-LANC-02 Dual LANC cable:

  • handle plugged in LANC input
  • LANC output in camera
  • to allow dual control : cameraman can operate zoom while RCP can operate iris control

Coupling your setup with a VP4 would allow multi-matrix and extended shading capabilities.

Camera Setup

Map the dial to gain to allow gain control from the RCP.


Both the Sony RM30BP and the Cyanview gain control acts on the dial mapped function.

So if you mapped the dial to gain, the Cyanview gain control will act on the gain. If you mapped the dial to variable ND, the Cyanview gain control will act on the variable ND.

RCP/RIO setup

Connect the camera to the port 2 of the CI0 / RIO with a CY-CBL-6P-LANC-02 cable.

  • Add the Camera to the RCP configuration via the RCP Configuration UI.
    • Select Sony brand.
    • Select LANC model.
    • Select the CI0 / RIO the camera is connected to (only port 2 showing).

Control is unidirectional, slow. No check link, no value feedback.

Going further

Advance shading

You can combine camera control with a LUT box / color corrector.

Coupling your setup with a VP4 would allow multi-matrix and extended shading capabilities compared to typical LUT box or color corrector (detail, coring, etc.).


Tally is not present on all camera, some models supports tally (in the viewfinder), some don't.

Check RM30BP for compatible models (Search for tally).

For the camera that does not support Tally, CI0 / RIO unused port can act as a Tally output using a cy-cbl-6p-pwr driving a LED. See Tally configuration page.

External Lens Control (RIO)

But you can control the iris with the Lens block:

  • You have a Fuji or Canon motorised lens, follow this guide
  • You have a non motorised lens, you can integrate Tilta motors


  1. Control is unidirectional (no check link, no value feedback)

  2. Lens is controls through the camera if compatible. If not compatible (or if you want to have lens values), follow this guide