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Products Update

Cyanview provides 2 types of updates: Application updates and System Updates.

  • The Application update is quick and upgrade the main software:
    • Needs internet connectivity
    • Quick, a couple of minutes
    • Keeps your config (when possible, no conflicts)
    • Only upgrade the application, some features will require a system update
  • The System update is a full system update
    • Can be applied offline
    • Slow, around 15 minutes
    • Back to factory settings (config can be backup/restored, but optional)
    • Upgrade the application and the OS running it, improve stability and ensure your device has all the features enabled.

The rule of thumb is to:

  • If you're in production and everything is working, don't do anything
  • If you want to test a new feature or try a bugfix, do an Application update
  • Always prefer the System update if you have time and there is no rush as you will have new features, new bugfix and improve the stability and lifetime of your device.

Pay attention that CI0 cannot be updated "manually", it is automatically updated alongside the software updates.

Backup your configuration

It is always a good idea to do a backup of your setup following this guide. It will allows you to get back your configuration later if needed.

Pay attention that this snapshot is linked to the software version. There is no garantee that it will work with another version. If you do a snapshot on 20.11.3, it may or may not work with lower or higher version. If the configuration is not compatible, you will just start from a fresh one and you will need to add everything manually.

Check news

You can check the release note.

Don't hesitate to register to the newsletter to be informed by some news or required upgrades

Application update

  1. Make sure the device has internet access. Check the Connectivity check block, everything should be green
  2. Access your device web interface
  3. Click the Admin TAB wait until the list of available version are displayed.
  4. Click Select and start button of the release you want to upgrade to, wait a couple of minutes
  1. After a few seconds, the release you selected will turn green.
  1. Your RCP Application is now updated

By default, only stable releases are displayed. If you want to test beta version, you need to enable it by clicking on the top right button in the admin tab *Show dev releases


Once activated, you will see all releases (stable and beta).

System update

The System Update can be performed from a separate web interface

System Update from the web interface

  1. Download the latest system update from the Release Download page.
  2. Open the update UI : cyanview-swupdate-page
    • You can see on this page some usefull informations:
      • HW : this is the type of hardware and revision (here cy-rcp)
      • Operating System : this is the actual version of your device (here 21.5.1rc18)
  3. Drag and drop the downloaded .swu file into the Software Update section of the page. cyanview-swupdate-page
  4. Don't close this tab and wait (takes around 15 minutes).
  5. After the update is completed, the device will reboot cyanview-swupdate-page
  6. You can refresh the page if required and check Operating System value, it should be the same as the one in your SWU file name.
  7. Based on this example:
    • I upgraded from 21.5.1rc18 to 21.5.1rc19
    • I should see 21.5.1rc18 in step 1 and 21.5.1rc19 in step 6