Products Update

Cyanview provides 2 types of updates: Application updates and System Updates.

  • The Application update is targeting the software running on the device. It can be done easily and within seconds by connecting the device on the internet. It is a good way to test and adopt new functionalities or revert back to a previous version.
  • The System update is a full system update that covers the whole operating system and drivers. It is a larger download and takes approximately 10 minutes to apply.

In the future, all products will provide the 2 options but this is currently not the case yet.

The Application update is available in the following products:

  • CY-RCP
  • CY-GWY

The System update is available in the following products:

  • CY-RCP
  • CY-RIO
  • CY-NIO
  • CY-VP4

Note: These updates are not applicable to some products like the CI0. Information about updating them is found in the corresponding product manual, i.e. the CIO Manual.

Application update#

The Application Update is transparent, you can switch from one release to another flawlessly in no time. An automatic Snapshot is taken in case a roll back to previous release is needed. It's a safe way to update to a new version, try it and be able to revert back to the exact same original conditions.

  1. Make sure the device has internet access.
  2. Access the Configuration Web UI from a browser.
  3. Click the Admin TAB.
  4. The Currently Available Releases section lists all available application releases you can run on your device. Click on the Select and start button of the release you want to upgrade to.
  1. After a few seconds, the release you selected will turn green.
  1. Your RCP Application is now updated.


When an update is performed, the configuration is automatically imported into the new release. It is possible that some updates introduces new features or changes that are not completely compatible with the old configuration. In such a case, a partial import might happen and the missing components will have to be re-added manually.

The configuration is not carried over during a downgrade process though. Instead, the configuration that was the last used with that release version will be loaded. This makes it possible to revert back to previous conditions after an upgrade. If you need to take a configuration to a previous release, it is possible to save it before the downgrade and load it back manually in the older release.

As an example, consider you update from release 20.7 to 20.8, the configuration from 20.7 will be applied to 20.8 and there will be no difference. If cameras are removed from the configuration in 20.8, after a downgrade back to 20.7, the original 20.7 configuration will be loaded with all the cameras available as they were before.

System update#

The System Update can be performed from a separate web interface or via a USB key.

System Update from the web interface#

  1. Download the latest system update from the Release Download page.
  2. Open the System Update UI by pointing your web browser to http://10.192.x.y:8080 or http://cy-RCP-x-y.local:8080
  3. Drag and drop the .swu file into the Software Update section of the page.
  4. The .swu file will be uploaded to the RCP. An update progress bar is then displayed and the ful update takes approximately 10 minutes.
  5. The System Update page switches to System Restart when the update is done and the device will reboot.
  6. After the update, the Operating System version can be verified by pushing the menu button of the RCP or by reloading the System Update UI page.

System Update via a USB key#

  1. Download the latest system update from the Release Download page.
  2. Copy the .swu file to your USB Key. Make sure USB key has only one partition, formatted in FAT or EXT4.
  3. Rename the .swu file to cyanos-upgrade-cy-RCP.swu
  4. Plug the USB Key to the USB port located at the back of the RCP.
  5. Update will start automatically.
  6. RCP will restart when Update is completed.

When the upgrade is completed, you can unplug your USB key from the device. The upgrade result can be found in files created on the USB key. In the cyanos-upgrade-cy-xxx-XX-YY.log log file, look for errors if any.