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Sony FCB

Compatible models

  • Sony FCB-7520
  • Sony FCB-8230
  • Sony FCB-8530
  • Sony FCB-8550
  • Sony FCB-H11

More or less all the FCB models are compatible, but we only tested the ones listed above.

If your model is different, as they're often similar and just different capabilities, chose a close model and try it.


Exposure (Iris, Gain, Shutter)
White balance (R/B)
Advance Shading (Master Gamma, Detail value + on/off)
Lens (Zoom/focus in speed/position)
Menus (I_lens, I_cam, ICRon, ICRoff, FlipOn, FlipOff)
Other (AWB/ATW, Auto Focus, Auto Gain/Shutter/Iris (and EV comp))
Scene file : save/recall


  • The camera is connected to the CI0 using the cable CY-CBL-6P-FAN:
    • GND / PWR to the camera power input (the CI0 can be powered by PoE or 12V and will power the camera + control it over serial)
    • GND / Tx / Rx to the VISCA/RS232 port of the camera
  • The RCP is connected to the CI0 using Ethernet

For remote/wireless/RF applications, you can use a RIO with a CY-CBL-6P-FAN cable to connect to the camera.



This camera is controlled using the VISCA protocol over serial.

You need to add the BUS to the RCP configuration via the RCP Configuration UI.

In Features:

  • click on +
  • select Sony: VISCA Bus
  • click on the new Sony VISCA block that just appeared

Configure it as follow:


Adapt IDs, baudrate, etc. based on your camera setup.

It should look like this:


This bus has no status (red/green), as it only makes sense when linked to a camera


You can now create a camera in the RCP configuration via the RCP Configuration UI, and link it to the VISCA bus.

In Camera:

  • Click on +
  • Click on the new camera block that just appeared
  • Enter a number
  • Enter a name
  • Select Sony as brand
  • Select FCBXXXX as model, here in my case FCB8230 as my exact model is FCB-ER8530 and not in the list
  • Select the CI0 port and VISCA bus ID, here in my case CI0-20-99:2:Visca:1 (my VISCA bus on CI0 20-99, port 2 and the camera ID on this bus is 1).

It should look like this: