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Sony CBM

This allows to control your camera over WiFi.

As long as your camera is compatible with the Sony CBM, you can control it using our RCP.

Compatible models:

  • FX9
  • Z280



Camera Control

White balanceColor temp, Tint
ExposureIris, Gain, Shutter and ND
LensZoom, Focus (position is display only, control is in speed)
AutoIris, Gain, Shutter, ND, ATW, AWB, Focus
MenuUp/Down, Left/Right
OETFHyperGamma, STD

Camera Configuration

Ensure to setup your login to admin and password to Abcdef123.

Ensure to activate the remote control on your WiFi interface.

Navigate to Menu > Network > ST Mode Settings and ensure to set:

  • Camera Remote Control to Enable
  • Connected Network to enter your WiFi SSID/password and static/DHCP

Same with the Access Point mode. Don't forget to activate Camera Remote Control

RCP/RIO configuration

Setup a new camera via the RCP Configuration UI:

  • Enter a custom number, name, etc.
  • Select Sony brand
  • Select Sony CBM for the protocol
  • Enter the IP of your camera

This should looks like this:

And once correctly connected, it should be green: