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JVC Camcorder


  • Tally (red)
  • Menu navigation
  • Iris
  • Shutter
  • Master Gain
  • Red gain
  • Blue gain
  • Master black
  • AWB (oneshot)
  • Detail
  • Auto Iris
  • Auto Exp


This camera is controlled over IP (ethernet or WiFi), requires a compatible dongle (check your camera manual). A single RCP can control multiple cameras (ethernet, WiFi). You can also use a RIO on the camera side, combined with a RCP if you need remote control (internet, 4G).


  • If you have a motorised lens, ensure it is in AUTO if you want to control if from the RCP
  • Setup a static IP in your camera
  • Setup a new camera, select brand JVC, model Camcorder. Ensure the IP match the one configured in your camera.
  • If everything is fine, status should go green

If your camera is not in the default Cyanview range (, you can either change your camera IP, or add a new IP range inside the RCP


If you need advanced shading, you can combine camera control with a VP4