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Types of cameras

CCU and Camcorders

If your camera has a RJ45 port, we can control is over IP. Pay attention that we only support bridge mode, not MSU.

The other option is using the 8P port which offer the same controls, but requires a CI0/RIO.


Typical use case:

  • You want a simple and compact solution to shade all your Sony CCU.
  • Remote production



Typical use case: you already have a PTZ panel and are looking for a RCP for shading your all your PTZ's.

Cinema cameras

If you're using Sony E-mount lenses, nothing else to add.

If you're looking for Fujinon or Canon motorized lenses, we can control:

  • The camera
  • The lens in parallel

See this guide for more infos

If your lens is not motorized, you can add:

Sony Alpha's

  • Sony Alpha : controlled over USB, or IP using RIO/RIO-live

Typical use case: gimbal as light steadicam

Camera block

  • PXX : controlled over 8 Pin remote connector (requires a CI0/RIO)
  • FCBXX : controlled over serial connector (requires a CI0/RIO)