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Tilta Nucleus-M


A Nucleus-M Wireless Lens Control System can be controlled by a Cyanview system.

Motor control

To configure the motors, a camera must be created. To create a camera, refers to the RCP Configuration.

Once the camera is created, configure a "Tilta Lens" control

Select the desired USB converter or the CI0 / RIO port in the "Interface: Port" section.

Then, activate the "Advanced view" :

This will shows the "advanced" field in the lens configuration block :

To configure the motors function in the advanced field, the syntax is :

Motor1 NB:Function:Params,Motor2 NB,Function:Params,...

For example, for a configuration with Iris on motor 3, Zoom on motor 5 and Focus on motor 2, the configuration is :


Iris configuration allows optional parameters. If no parameters are used, the iris range from the RCP exposure control will be from 1.6 to 32. For specific lenses, the range can be configured :


For example, for a lens with an iris range from 2.8 to 16, used with motor 3, the configuration is :