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Sony Burano

RCP Sony Burano

Camera control

White balanceColor temperature and tint, no R/B gains
IrisManual and AUTO iris
Variable NDClear, variable and AUTO
Gain/EIGain in dB or ISO, or exposure index (EI) in Cine EI mode
ShutterManual, AUTO, ECS, OFF
RecordON/OFF + status)

Variable ND can be assigned to the iris joystick and provides a very smooth control, while iris can still be accessed from the exposure knob


Cyanview RCP Sony Burano Cyanview RCP Sony Burano

If you need to use non Sony lenses, you would need a RIO/RIO-live with a cable:

RCP Configuration

Set up a new camera via the RCP Configuration UI:

  • Enter a custom number, name, etc.
  • Select Sony for the brand
  • Select Burano for the model
  • Enter the IP of the camera
  • Enter the login/password
Cyanview RCP Sony Burano setup

Once correctly configured, the camera icon should turn green:

Cyanview RCP Sony Burano block