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Lawo V__pro8

You can control all your V__pro8's channels from our RCP



[Step 1] : Ensure your V__pro8 version is at least V_pro8_120121. We don't support older versions.

[Step 2] : Connect the RCP to the V__pro8

  • In the RCP Configuration UI, in Components block, click on +
  • Select Video Processor > Lawo: V__pro8
  • Give it a name (optional)
  • Enter the IP of your V__pro8

If everything is correct, it should go green:


If you have more than one V__pro8, simply repeat the operation and ensure to setup distinguishable names.

[Step 3] : Control the desired channels

  • In the RCP Configuration UI, in Camera block, click on +
  • In the General section, give it a number and a name
  • In the Camera Head section, select Not controlled brand
  • In the Video Processor, select your V__pro8 and video channel (format : VPRO8_NAME : VPRO8_CHANNEL)

If everything is correctly configured, it should looks like this:


Repeat the operation for all your V__pro8 video channel.