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Compatible models

  • ARRI Alexa mini
  • ARRI Alexa mini LF
  • ARRI Alexa 35

For Amira and SSCP, check our ARRI SSCP guide.


Exposure (Iris, ISO, Shutter and ND filter)
White balance (R/B and Color temp)
Black balance (R/B)
REC (start/stop and status)
Other (Multi matrix, Black Gamma, Knee, Test/Bars)
Scene file : save/recall


The camera is controlled over IP:


Camera setup

You need to:

  • Setup a static IP on the camera
  • Activate and configure CAP control
  • Ensure to have an unlocked look to paint it

Camera IP

In System > Network/WiFi, setup:

  • LAN IP mode to static
  • LAN static IP to desired cam IP (here
  • LAN static subnet to desired cam subnet (here

If the RCP doesn't have an IP address in the same range as the camera IP, you should add one in the LAN section by following this guide.

In this setup, my camera IP is and my RCP IP is

CAP control

In System > Camera Access Protocol (CAP):

  • Ensure Enable CAP Server is checked
  • Ensure CAP Server Password is set to arri

Look unlocking

  • Navigate on the camera menu Image > Look > Look
  • Take the desired look and duplicate it
  • Ensure to select it after that

This step is not mandatory:

  • you can keep a locked look, with limited control:
    • only: exposure (iris, ISO, shutter, ND filter) and WB (color temp and tint)
    • no paint (R/B gains, blacks, etc.)
  • you already have your own look that is already unlocked, then keep it

RCP configuration

  • Click on the + in the camera block, a new panel will appear on the right
  • In General Configure a Number and a Name
  • Select ARRI for the brand and CAP as the model
  • Enter the IP of your camera

If everything is properly configured, it should go green:

Going further

External Lens Control (RIO)

But you can control the iris with the Lens block:

  • You have a Fuji or Canon motorised lens, follow this guide
  • You have a non motorised lens, you can integrate tilta motors

More shading control

CAP protocol is limited to the controls listed above. If you need more control you, you can combine it with a LUT processor. Check our VP4 manual for more information.


  • Ensure to update your camera and your RCP/RIO.
  • Ensure your RCP/RIO are in similar versions

Camera is RED

  • check your camera IP
  • check your RCP IP
  • Ensure the CAP is active and password is arri
  • Ensure the RCP can access the camera (try to ping RCP and camera from a laptop in the same range)

Camera control is limited to exposure (no paint)

If you can control:

  • iris
  • iso
  • shutter
  • ND
  • color temp
  • tint

But not the whites/blacks, etc.

Your look is probably locked.

Ensure to unlock it by following this procedure.