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Ikegami ICPP

Compatible cameras

If you camera has a RS422 control with 8 pins PRC05-PB8M connector, it should work.

The Ikegami HDK 79EX3 for example.

Camera control

ControlIkegami ICPP
White balance (R/B and Color temp)
Black balance (R/B)
Other (Master Gamma, Knee and Detail)
Exposure (Iris, Gain, Shutter and ND filter)
Scene file : save/recall
Auto (Auto Iris, Auto White Balance, Auto Black Balance)

Camera wiring

You will need:

The connector is pricey, difficult to find, so we don't sell it. You can follow this wiring guide to combine our CY-CBL-6P-FAN and the connector to make your own cable.

Camera configuration

Configure the camera in RS422, with one-way remote control data (U4) with 38400 baudrate:

  • Engineering Menu > COMMAND MODE : select U4(38400)

RCP configuration

Set up a new camera via the RCP Configuration UI:

  • Enter a custom number, name, etc.
  • Select Ikegami brand
  • Select ICPP for the model
  • Select your CI0 and port : CI0 21-96 on port 1 in my case

This should look like this:

And once correctly connected, it should be green: