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Dreamchip Atom



  • Cyanview CI0 provides control of Dreamchip Atom via serial protocol.
  • This guide is valid for all Atom cameras

Controlled Functions

ExposureIris1, Shutter, Gain, Auto Exposure
White balanceAuto (ATW, AWB), Manual
Primary correctionsMaster Black , Master Gamma, Color Gains, Saturation
LensIris, Focus1
OtherDetail, White Clip, Multi matrix, Knee, oetf
  1. requires a motorised lens (controlled through the camera itself)



Camera is red in the config

Lens control issue

  • Check your wiring (lens should be plugged in the camera and camera plugged in CI0)
  • Check if your camera is up to date on the Dreamchip wiki
  • Check if the camera is controllable using the Dreamchip software
  • Ensure the lens is properly calibrated in this software
  • Ensure you have a proper power supply some camera (ATOM 4K, etc.) with lens motorisation have some powerspikes during startup.
  • Try to use a dedicated 12V DC power supply if you're on PoE

Some camera controls are not displayed

  • Check if your camera is up to date on the Dreamchip wiki
  • Reset your camera to factory default:
    • On your RCP, click on Camera > Custom
    • Click on the touch screen on FACTD, this will put your camera to factory default
    • Click on the touch screen on STORE, this will save this factory default in the camera to ensure it is still OK on the next reboots
    • Unplug and Replug your camera in