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Dreamchip Atom



  • Cyanview CI0 provides control of Dreamchip Atom via serial protocol.
  • This guide is valid for all Atom cameras

Camera control

ControlAtomOne oneAtomOne miniAtomOne 4KAtomOne mini Zoom
Exposure (Iris1, Gain, Shutter, CLS)
White balance (R/B)
Black balance (R/B, master black and black gamma)
Other controls (master gamma, OETF, saturation, knee, detail, denoise, matrix, multi-matrix)
Lens (zoom, focus)
Scene file : save/recall

1 : requires a motorised lens


When using a C-mount lens with dreamchip motors, the lens is controlled through the camera itself (AUX port) and detected automatically. But the motors needs to be calibrated and configured through the Dreamchip provideo software.



Camera is red in the config

Lens control issue

  • Check your wiring (lens should be plugged in the camera and camera plugged in CI0)
  • Check if your camera is up to date on the Dreamchip wiki
  • Check if the camera is controllable using the Dreamchip software
  • Ensure the lens is properly calibrated in this software
  • Ensure you have a proper power supply some camera (ATOM 4K, etc.) with lens motorisation have some powerspikes during startup.
  • Try to use a dedicated 12V DC power supply if you're on PoE

Some camera controls are not displayed

  • Check if your camera is up to date on the Dreamchip wiki
  • Reset your camera to factory default:
    • On your RCP, click on Camera > Custom
    • Click on the touch screen on FACTD, this will put your camera to factory default
    • Click on the touch screen on STORE, this will save this factory default in the camera to ensure it is still OK on the next reboots
    • Unplug and Replug your camera in