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Router / Switcher Integration


Connecting the RCP to your switcher allows you to:

  • One RCP, multiple cam, prev/next on RCP will commute
  • Multiple RCP's, multiple cam, preview button will commute
  • Tally input

Supported devices

  • Blackmagic videohub
  • Blackmagic ATEM
  • Evertz Quartz
  • Pro-Bel (VSM, Ross, etc.)
  • AVMatrix Multiviewer
  • Newtek Tricaster
  • VMix
  • AJA Kumo


Connects your RCP to the same network.


Navigate to your RCP Configuration UI.

If your device is not in the default range, check this guide to ensure your RCP can communicate with your router / switcher.

In the Configuration tab, in the Components section, click on +.

Select Router / Switcher. In the list, select your router / switcher type.

A new block should appear, click on it, on the right side:

  • [step 1] chose a name for your router / switcher (optional)
  • [step 2] enter the IP of your device
  • [step 3] select the range of your desired inputs (can be: 1,2,3 or 1-3 or 1,2,5-9, etc.)
  • [step 4] associate your camera with corresponding inputs of your device (here, cam 1 on my input 1, etc.)
  • [step 5] select the range of your desired outputs
  • [step 6] associate the RCP with an auxiliary output

If everything goes well, your block shoud turn green:


input / output value is a list, it helps filter the undesired options if you have a big grid.

Either of:

  • numbers: 1,2,4 (for input/output 1, 2 and 4)
  • ranges: 1-4,9-10 (for input/output 1,2,3,4 and 9,10)
  • combination of both: 1-3,5 (for input/output 1,2,3 and 5)

This list can contains a single value: 1 (for example)


The goal here is get tally input (typically from an ATEM, but works on all of them)

In the last section of your switcher configuration, you have two text fields:

You can enter which output is used for red tally (live) and which one is used for green tally (preview).

Possible values:

  • 1 - an output number
  • 1,2,3 - a list of output number, in case you have multiple production in parallel

For ATEM, we have a specific value AUTO to use native tally (supports super sources).

If you need to use the name of the output, enter Prg or Prv.