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Blackmagic ATEM


Cyanview RCP controls the Black magic ATEM devices, allowing

  • Camera switching is synchronized between RCP and ATEM.
  • Provides Tally input over IP.

The Cyanview RCP supports all Black magic ATEM devices (ATEM mini series, Television Studio series, Production series, and others...).


[1] Connect the ATEM and RCP to the network.

[2] Configure the ATEM in the RCP.

  • Configure ATEM IP
  • Associate camera to ATEM Port.

input / output port configurations syntax:

  • 2: only 2 (single value)
  • 1,3: 1 and 3 (list)
  • 1-3: 1, 2 and 3 (range)

The settings can also be mixed, for example :

  • 1,4-6: input/output 1, 4, 5, 6

By selecting RCP Controller in aux1 output, the RCP and ATEM active camera is synchronized only on ATEM output AUX1. Without impacting the other outputs.

[3] Configure Tally in the RCP.

  • Red Tally configured to follow the active "Program" (Prg) output channel.
  • Green Tally configured to follow the active "Preview" (Prv) output channel.

The RCP will monitor which camera is live and which one is in preview according to the "input configuration". It will then forward this information to the corresponding camera by sending the proper tally signal:

  • "live", the RCP will send a RED tally signal
  • "preview", the RCP will send a GREEN tally signal to the corresponding camera.

Going further

If your camera supports tally, nothing more to do. If you need to add tally capability to your camera (FS7, Marshall, etc.), you can follow this link.

You can also have an overview of your camera, status and tally by combining a streamdeck and the RCP, follow this link.