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Blackmagic Camera IP

Generic informations can be found in the global Blackmagic guide



You can also use directly a RIO: Camera <--(USB-C-Ethernet)-->RIO<--(cloud)-->RCP

Camera Setup

Plug the camera to your laptop through USB (or IP if already configured).

Open the software Blackmagic Camera Setup, select your camera


Ensure to setup a valid IP (can be DHCP or static).


In my case I setup my camera with the static IP


Enable the remote control: Web media manager (HTTP)

RCP/RIO setup

Navigate to the web UI:

  • Create a new camera
  • Enter a valid number and name
  • Select brand Blackmagic, model IP
  • Enter the IP of your camera ( in my case)

It should look like this:


  • Ensure your RCP is at least in 23.1.3
  • Ensure your Camera is at least in 8.5
  • Ensure you can ping the camera from your laptop
  • Ensure you enabled the Web media manager (HTTP), browse (replace the IP with your camera IP)
  • Sometime at startup the IP is not properly setup in the camera:
    • try to power cycle the camera
    • try to unplug/replug the USB-C Ethernet dongle
    • try to navigate to the IP setup menu, edit a value (but don't change anything, just validate it), then power cycle

Once you can ping the camera and browse the webpage, you're ready to configure it in Cyanview.