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Panasonic PTZ

This guide describe how to configure Panasonic PTZ cameras

Compatible PTZ


  • AW-HE40
  • AW-HE42
  • AW-HE50
  • AW-HE60
  • AW-HE70
  • AW-HE120
  • AW-HE130


  • AW-UE70
  • AW-UE100
  • AW-UE150
  • AW-UE160


  • AW-HR140 (use AW-HE130 model)

If your model is not listed, you can try a similar or close model.

If that doesn't work, contact Cyanview support.


You can control:

  • Exposure
  • White balance
  • Black balance
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom/Focus
Exposure (Iris, Gain, Shutter, ND filter)
White balance (R/B and Color temp)
Black balance (R/B, black gamma and master black)
Other control (Matrix, multi matrix, knee, whiteclip, detail, denoise, coring)
Green and Red Tally
Camera Menu Control
Lens (zoom, focus)
Pan/Tilt (from RCP touchscreen or USB joystick)
Presets/Positions : save/recall
Scene file : save/recall


You can follow the generic guide here