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Panasonic EVA1



Panasonic AU-EVA1 camera provide remote control and multiple direct access functions over serial protocol. A typical setup consists of a CI0 IP to serial interface to control the camera over IP from an RCP.


Main Adjustments

OSD menusAll functions available
ExposureIris1,2, Shutter, Gain, Auto Exposure
White balanceAuto (ATW), One Push, Manual
Primary correctionsMaster Black1 , Master Gamma, Color Gains, Saturation
Lens2Iris, Focus, Auto focus, Zoom
OtherDetail Enhancement, Digital Zoom1, White Clip
  1. not supported on all models
  2. on zoom block cameras

Note: Red and Blue gains are not supported by the AU-EVA1 protocol.


USB connection

The Panasonic AU-EVA1 camera is controlled over IP using one of the supported USB to Ethernet adapters listed below. Other models will not work.

  • UGREEN USB 3.0 to Ethernet RJ45 Lan Gigabit Adapter for 10/100/1000 (SKU 20256, make sure to order the USB 3.0 version, not the USB 2.0) Plugable USB3.0 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter
  • BUFFALO Wired LAN adapter LUA4-U3-AGT


  • Plug the USB - Ethernet adapter at the top back of the camera cyanview-support-integration-panasonic-camcorder-AU-EVA1-USB
  • Connect both your Panasonic AU-EVA1 and your Cyanview RCP to a PoE network access.

Cam setup

  • [step 1]Verify your Panasonic AU-EVA1 Firmware is in version 3.00-00-0.00 or later.

  • [step 2]In the camera menus, select NETWORK SETTINGS.

  • [step 3]Under NETWORK FUNC, either delete all accounts or add an account named guest and password auguest all lowercase.

  • [step 4]Under NETWORK PROPERTY, set TYPE to 'INFRA(MANUAL)'.

  • [step 5]Change DHCP to OFF, we will keep the default IP address for this example.

  • [step 6]Change NETWORK SEL from OFF to WLAN.

  • [step 7]Power cycle the camera to apply the network changes.


When changing network configuration or user account, it is usually required to power cycle the camera to apply the changes