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Panasonic Varicam


  • tally (red, green, call)
  • OSD/Menu
  • Lens
  • Iris
  • Gains (master, red, blue)
  • Blacks (master, red, blue)
  • Whiteclip
  • Shutter
  • Knee
  • Saturation
  • Detail
  • Multimatrix

Compatible Cyanview device

  • RCP for local (LAN) and remote control (internet)
  • RIO for remote control (internet)


The link between the RCP/RIO and the camera is IP.

On camera side:

  • Setup a static IP
  • Ensure to have a user/password : guest/p2guest

On RCP side:

  • Ensure to be be on your camera network with a compatible IP
  • Setup a new camera via the RCP Configuration UI:
    • Select Panasonic brand
    • Select Varicam model
    • Enter the IP of your camera

And once the camera is correctly controlled by the RCP, it should look like that: