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Panasonic CX350


IrisManual and AUTO iris (speed, sensitivity)
GainIn dB, manual and AUTO (possibility to set max gain and EV)
Shutterin Speed or ECS
NDset/get presets (1/1, 1/4, 1/16, 1/64)
White balanceR/B gain, master gain, color temp
Black balanceR/B gain, master black
Saturation and Hue
KneePoint and slope, auto
Black gammaMaster and range
Detail and coringdetail level/freq/mix, coring level, skin detail (skin 1, skin 2, skin 3)
Matrix and multimatrixM-M with 16 vectors hue and saturation controls
Zoom and FocusZoom and Focus controls in speed, position is read only
OtherPattern, ATW, AWB, ABB
Menu navigationON/OFF, enter/back, up/down, toggle display OUT1

Pay attention the the CX350 protocol controls the ND variable in relative mode. So it's impossible to recall the ND value with a scene file.



The control is IP, so you just need the RCP. It works on Ethernet and Wi-Fi. For remote control (4G, RF, etc.), you can add a RIO on the camera side.



Set up your network, either static or DHCP in NETWORK > LAN PROPERTY > IPV4 SETTING:

Activate the remote control in NETWORK > IP REMOTE (set it to ENABLE):

Set up an account (login/password) in NETWORK > IP REMOTE (if no account in ACCOUNT LIST, create a new one in USER ACCOUNT):


If your camera is not in the "default range" of the RCP. You can add a second IP to the RCP:

Then, you can create your camera:

  • Click on + in the camera block
  • Enter a number and a name
  • Select brand Panasonic and model AG-CX350
  • Enter the camera IP (in my case
  • Enter the camera login and password (in my case ADMIN and A1234567)

If properly configured and setup, it should turn green: