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Canon XC

This allows to control your camera over ethernet as long as your camera is compatible with XC protocol.

Supported models

We support all the compatible models through the XC control (IP):

  • C70
  • C300mk3
  • C500mk2
  • XF605

For other models, you can use the Remote A control (2.1 mm jack), see Canon Remote A


Camera control

Exposure (Iris, Gain, Shutter, ND filter)
White balance (R/B, Color temp)
Black balance (R/B, master black and black gamma)
Other settings (saturation, knee, detail, denoise)
Lens (zoom, focus)
Scene file : save/recall

Camera Configuration

You need to:

  • Configure ethernet static IP
  • Enable XC protocol

You can follow the wizard in the menu ´Network Settings > New Conn. Settings (Wizard)`:

  • For Select Function step, chose XC Protocol
  • For Communication Settings, chose Create New Comm. Setting

  • For Network Type, chose Ethernet

  • For Setting Method, chose Setup with Network Connection

  • For IP Address Settings (IPV4), chose Manual Setting

  • Then enter a valid IP

  • For XC Protocol, chose Create New Func. Setting
  • For Authentication Method, chose No Auth.

If your camera IP is not in the range, you can follow this guide

For the control:

  • In the menu Custom Picture, Seletect UserXX
  • Edit and ensure to setup Color Space to BT.709 Standard to access advanced shading (detail, etc.)

RCP/RIO configuration

Setup a new camera via the RCP Configuration UI:

  • Enter a custom number, name, etc.
  • Select Canon brand
  • Select XC for the protocol
  • Enter the IP of your camera

This should looks like this:

And once correctly connected, it should be green:


No paint control

Ensure your camera is not in ATW.

Ensure your camera Custom Picture profile is Unprotect:

  • Open menu (can be done from RCP)
  • Navigate to CP
  • Click on Edit CP File
  • Ensure Protect is set to Unprotect