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Canon Remote A

Supported models

We support all CXX models through the Remote A control:

  • C100
  • C200
  • C300mk1 and C300mk2
  • C500mk1
  • C700
  • XF705

If you have a:

  • C70
  • C300mk3
  • C500mk2

Remote-A is supported, but prefer the Canon XC protocol, it is IP, faster and bidirectional.


  • Plug the cable CY-CBL-6P-LANC-01 in your camera
  • Plug the other side on the CI0 port 2 (port 1 is not compatible with Remote A)


Exposure (Iris, Gain, Shutter, ND filter)
White balance (R/B)
Black balance (R/B, master black and black gamma)
Other settings (knee, detail)
Lens (zoom, focus)
Scene file : save/recall

The protocol Remote-A is unidirection (no feedback from camera) and limited. We try to display the most accurate values, but we receive no feedback from the camera so this is always an approximation. Ensure to precisely follow the camera setup guide below to ensure the best match between RCP values and camera values.

Camera configuration

You can find more information on the Canon camera manual and in the RCV-100 manual

You need to check (if you don't change it, it will probably work, but the values on the RCP and camera will not match):

  • The IRIS :
    • Iris Increment set to 1/3 stop
    • Fine Increment set to on
  • The Shutter :
    • Shutter Mode to Speed
    • Shutter Increment to 1/4 stop`
    • ISO/Gain to Gain
    • ISO/Gain Extended Range to Off
    • Gain Increment to Fine
  • Remote mode : REMOTE Term. to RC-V100
  • Red/Blue gain, Red/Blue pedestal, master black:
    • Custom picture to any value except off


  • Click on the + in the camera block, a new panel will appear on the right
  • In General Configure a Number and a Name
  • Select Canon for the brand and Remote A as the model.
  • Then select in the interface drop-down list your CI0 serial (only port 2 is available for Remote A)
  • Here, my CI0 is CI0-15-13, on the port 2

The block: