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Canon Remote A

We support all CXX models through the Remote A control (C70, C100MK2, C200, C300, C500, C700).

Note : this control is limited and unidirectional. We try to display the most accurate values, but we receive no feedback from the camera.


  • Plug the cable CY-CBL-6P-LANC-01 in your camera
  • Plug the other side on the CI0 port 2 (port 1 is not compatible with Remote A)

Camera configuration

You can find more information on the Canon camera manual and in the RCV-100 manual

You need to check (if you don't change it, it will probably work, but the values on the RCP and camera will not match):

  • The IRIS :
    • Iris Increment set to 1/3 stop
    • Fine Increment set to on
  • The Shutter :
    • Shutter Mode to Speed
    • Shutter Increment to 1/4 stop`
    • ISO/Gain to Gain
    • ISO/Gain Extended Range to Off
    • Gain Increment to Fine
  • Remote mode : REMOTE Term. to RC-V100
  • Red/Blue gain, Red/Blue pedestal, master black:
    • Custom picture to any value except off


  • Click on the + in the camera block, a new panel will appear on the right
  • In General Configure a Number and a Name
  • Select Canon for the brand and Remote A as the model.
  • Then select in the interface drop-down list your CI0 serial (only port 2 is available for Remote A)
  • Here, my CI0 is CI0-15-13, on the port 2

The block: