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Elgato Stream Deck




Elgato Stream Deck functionalities:

  • Displays camera statuses
  • Display camera tally statuses
  • Camera selection
  • Load/Save scenes
  • Load/Save positions

Supported streamdecks:

  • Mini (6 keys)
  • Medium (15 keys)
  • XL (32 keys)

When the Streamdeck XL is plugged in, it has an inrush current above the USB2 specifications. The RCP/RIO internal protections will not allow such a high current and limit it to avoid any damage.

In that case, either the Streamdeck XL will boot loop or the RCP/RIO will restart.

To avoid this, you can use a self-powered USB hub between the RCP/RIO and the Streamdeck XL.


[1] Connect the Stream Deck to the RCP USB port.


[2] In the Configuration page of the RCP Click on the monitor (RCP by default) in the Controllers section

[3] In the right panel, in the Controller section, in the list, you should see "cy-rcp-XX-YY.streamdeck", click on it

[4] Stream Deck is now associated with the RCP control.


  • [1] Active camera (blue highlight).
  • [2] Camera Name.
  • [3] Camera Number.
  • [4] Camera Status.
  • [5] Camera Tally.