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Compatible model: ARRI Amira


Camera IP


  • LAN IP mode to static
  • LAN static IP to desired cam IP (here
  • LAN static subnet to desired cam subnet (here

If the RCP doesn't have an IP address in the same range as the camera IP, you should add one in the LAN section by following this guide.

In this setup, my camera IP is and my RCP IP is

Activate SSCP


  • SSCP device IP to the RCP IP (here
  • SSCP device port to desired port (here 7800)
  • Multicam checked (to activate the previous parameters)

With ARRI Amira, this is the camera that connects to the RCP.

If you want ton control multiple camera from a single RCP, ensure they all have different ports and adapt the configuration in your RCP to distinguish them properly.

RCP configuration

  • Click on the + in the camera block, a new panel will appear on the right
  • In General Configure a Number and a Name
  • Select ARRI for the brand and Amira as the model
  • Enter the IP of your camera (optional as the camera connects to the RCP, source IP is not checked)
  • Enter the port configured in your camera (mandatory)

If everything went as expected, it should go green:

Activate shadding

By default the shading, even if active is not display (neither on viewfinder or SDI outputs), you need to activate it.

In the HOME menu, click on LOOK:

Click on LOOK PARAM:


Enter a look name, here for example: ARRI 709aaa and then click on SAVE:

Then in LOOK menu, click on LOOK CONFIG:


  • EVF/Mon proc is setup to the LOOK created above (ARRI 709aaa in our case)
  • SDI 1 processing is setup to the LOOK created above (ARRI 709aaa in our case)