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Dreamchip ATOM one SSM500


Dreamchip ATOM one SSM500 high-speed camera can be operated in standalone or in EVS modes from the Cyanview RCP.

  • In standalone mode, replay and trigger is done via Stream Deck or shuttle connected to the RCP. Replays are then stored in the camera's internal storage.
  • In EVS mode, The RCP acts as a bridge between EVS system and the camera.

Standalone Mode


This mode allows to operate slow motion and replays directly from the Cyanview RCP via a Streamdeck and a Shuttle Pro.

  • Connect the SSM500 to the CI0 using a Cyanview cy-cbl-dreamchip-02 cable.

  • Add your SSM500 camera to the RCP like described in the Serial Camera guide.

  • Connect the Streamdeck and Shuttle Pro to the USB connector of the RCP.

  • Associate the Streamdeck and Shuttle Pro to the RCP controller.


EVS Mode


In this mode, the RCP act as a gateway for the EVS.

Please refer to the EVS hypermotion page for EVS configuration.



Here is the button mapping of the Shuttle Pro (left) and Shuttle Xpress (right):