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Lawo VSM integration manual

This manual will walk you trough the integration of a Cyanview RCP as a control system in a Lawo VSM IP broadcast control and workflow solution using pro-bel protocol.

VSM configuration

  • step 1 Create a new Virtual Layer for automation.

  • step 2 Click the ‘Automation Entry Point’.

  • step 3 Add the virtual layer in the matrix, assign cameras and router outputs (monitors).

  • step 4 Create a new port X-Switches / pro-bel / SW-P-08.

  • step 5 Choose TCP - Inbound, assign a port number.

  • step 6 In the layer assignment section, assign the virtual layer created above and select “The attached device is a control system” in order to enable bi-directional control.


RCP / GWY Configuration

  • step 1 If a different network is used for VSM, add an IP address to the RCP.

  • step 2 Add a pro-bel Router module from the Components section .

  • step 3 Set the IP address of the VSM server and port number that was created above, then assign cameras and monitors.