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RCP UI - RCP Settings


You can access this menu with : MENU > SYSTEM > SETTINGS


Follow router selectionON/OFFThe active camera on RCP follows the output of the switcher associated with this RCP monitor.
AUTO preview on camera changeON/OFFTrig a preview automatically when changing a camera (prev/next). When disable, you can change camera and you need to actively press preview button.
Disale Prev / Next keysON/OFFDisbale the prev/next keys, so the RCP can't change its active camera using the buttons.
Access all camerasON/OFFWhen OFF, the camera list of this RCP follows the setting camera_list (defined in /dev/app.html in RCP block of the web UI)
Show menus when Preview pressedON/OFFWhen ON, display the preview menu (Camera list, keypad, List, groups).


ND : Transmission / Optical densityTransmission/Optical densityTo determine how to display ND filter values. Either in transmission (1/4, 1/16, etc.) or optical density (0.2, 1.8, etc.)


White sensitivityx1/x2/x4will change the number of steps when turning the white encoders
Black sensitivityx1/x2/x4will change the number of steps when turning the black encoders

If I do 1 turn of my red/white encoder, on a Dreamchip camera, while my White sensitivity is:

  • x1 : 80
  • x2 : 40
  • x4 : 20

So increasing the ratio will give me more precision and smaller steps.