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RCP UI - Lens


The Lens menu allows you to control:

  • lens : zoom, focus
  • robotics : pan/tilt/roll

The type of control (speed or position) and what you can control will vary, based on:

  • the camera
  • the lens
  • the robotic head

This will also vary if you:

  • have a PTZ
  • have a lens (iris, zoom, focus) is controlled through the camera
  • have an external lens (iris, zoom, focus) is controlled externally (in parallel of the camera) directly through the lens or using motors (ARRI, Tilta)


  • PTZ have speed/position control for everything (zoom, focus, pan, tilt)
  • Camera have iris control in position, but no zoom/focus control
  • Lens (+Camera) have iris in position and zoom/focus (optional) in speed and position

It's based on the camera protocol limitations.


This speed/position is important:

  • To use external zoom/focus control (BM handles, etc.), you need to ensure you have zoom in speed and focus in position.
  • To smooth the remote control (4G, etc.), it's better to use speed instead of position as it smooth the network jitter
  • you can only save/recall absolute positions

Lens menu

Path : MENU > LENS

  • LENS is dedicated to setup/infos
  • PTZF is dedicated to PTZ control/operation

This page only works for external lens (i.e. Canon PL lens on FX9 controlled with RIO-live):

  • control is exclusive : if RIO takes control, cameraman lose control
  • Iris : usually enabled as it's the main usage for RCP
  • Zoom : usually disable to let the cameraman zoom in/out. Used for robotic application or beauty shot (then RCP or any cyanview device can operate the zoom/focus)
  • Focus : usually disable to let the cameraman focus. Used for robotic application or beauty shot (then RCP or any cyanview device can operate the zoom/focus)

If using external lens (Canon PL lens on FX9 controlled with RIO-live), you can check here if the communication is established as the lens model will be displayed.

PTZF menu

Control of PTZF

Here you can control:

  • Zoom
  • Focus
  • Pan
  • Tilt


  • Encoders : position/absolute control
  • Touchscreen : speed/relative control

Sometime you will have an absolute value displayed, but no absolute control. This depends on every camera protocol.

Positions save/load

You can save/load 10 presets for:

  • zoom
  • focus
  • pan
  • tilt

If you have absolute control and values, then you can save/recall presets:

If you click on Save, then one of the position, it save the values in this slot.

If you click on a slot, it recalls the values you saved (zoom, focus, pan, tilt).

You can clear a slot by clicking on Clear then the desired slot.


You can setup:

  • Horizontal/Vertical flip
  • Digital zoom toggle
  • Stabilisation toggle


  • Roll
  • Digital zoom

Here in my case, on my PTZ, I can only flip horizontally or vertically.


You can control:

  • Focus relatively, in speed (using the touchscreen)
  • Focus in absolute position using the first encoder
  • Change AF mode (if available) using the second encoder
  • Do a one shot focus (touchscreen button)
  • Toggle AF on/off (touchscreen button)

In my case, on my PTZ:

  • I can toggle AF on/off
  • control focus in speed and position

Nothing else