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Iris Joystick Manual


This page describes the configuration and usage of the joystick, which is an additional part of the RCP variant with Iris Joystick.



Assign to RCP

The iris joystick must be linked to the RCP. To assign an iris joystick to an RCP, proceed this way :

  1. On the startup screen, press the button next to the gear icon (PREVIEW), and then select "Assign"
  1. On the assign menu, select the serial number of the RCP (in this case, 44-20 for RCP CY-RCP-44-20). To change the serial number, use the buttons ND UP/ ND DOWN and CC UP / CC DOWN.
  1. Press "Save" button (PREVIEW). The Iris Joystick will reboot, and display "Serial# 44-20" in the startup screen.

Once the Iris Joystick is assigned to the RCP, the main screen will be displayed after a while.


Calibrate the Joystick

The joystick must be calibrated to work correctly. The goal of the calibration is to internally set and store the sensors' values for specific positions. The positions are :

  • Iris Joystick maximum opened (Joystick forced UP - spring compressed) I max open
  • Iris Joystick opened (Joystick UP, without forcing the spring) I open
  • Iris Joystick closed (Joystick DOWN, without forcing the spring) I close
  • Iris Joystick maximum closed (Joystick forced DOWN - spring compressed) I max close
  • Maximum black value (black ring turned clockwise to its mechanical stop) Black max
  • Minimum black value (black ring turned anti-clockwise to its mechanical stop) Black min
  • Iris Joystick pressed (Iris Joystick shaft pressed) J pressed
  • Iris Joystick released (Iris Joystick shaft not pressed) J released

It is important to perform this calibration correctly to ensure the correct behaviour of the joystick.

The calibration menu can be accessed in two different ways :

  1. On the startup screen, press the button next to the GEAR icon (PREVIEW), and then select "Calibrate"
  2. On the main screen, hold the Iris Joystick and then press the PREVIEW button to enter the configuration screen, then the GEAR icon (SHUTTER DOWN), and finally select "Calibrate"

The calibration menu looks like this :


To perform a calibration :

  • Place the Joystick, the black ring, or the Joystick shaft in the desired position, as described above, and then validate the position with the button next to the label.
  • When the position is saved, the button is highlighted.
  • In case of doubt or wrong position, the buttons can be pressed again. Only the last value will be saved.

At the bottom of the display, the following technical information are displayed :

  • I : 4033 : This value represents the raw sensor value for the Iris Joystick.
  • B : 1862 : This value represents the raw sensor value for the black ring
  • SW : 128 : This value represents the raw sensor value for the joystick shaft

The values must change when the Iris Joystick, the black ring, or the Iris Joystick shaft are moved. If one of the values stay static regardless the mechanical positions, it could indicate a hardware problem.

Once the calibration is done, press the "Save" button (PREVIEW). The Iris Joystick will reboot and load the new calibration data.

Note : The calibration is saved internally. It is not necessary to perform the calibration each time the joystick boots. If the behaviour seems not correct, a calibration can be performed anytime to try to fix it.

Set the limits

This allows you to force the iris values and increase the resolution of the shaft.


Main screen

The default screen allows to show and control the following parameters :

  • Iris
  • Black
  • ND
  • CC
  • Shutter
  • Gain

At the bottom of the display, the following information are given :

  • The camera number (in this case, camera 1) is displayed.
  • A tick mark or a cross that indicates the camera status (online / offline)
  • A lock when the iris joystick is locked on a particular camera (see configuration screen)

The joystick button acts as a preview. It has the same behaviour as the green PREVIEW button.

When the PREVIEW button (green button) is held, the joystick and black ring are disabled. This allows to mechanically place the joystick or the ring without changing the value on the camera.

The five blue buttons at the top of the joystick part can be used to recall scene files (scenes 1 to 5). Scene files can't be saved from here. They must be saved from the RCP menu.

Configuration screen

A configuration screen can be accessed by holding the Iris Joystick shaft and then pressing the preview button together.


This configuration menu allows to change the following parameters :

  • Set the joystick limits (Note : at that time, this function is not fully implemented and may be not functional).
    • Clear : Clear the limits
    • OFF/ON : Disable/Enable the hard limits. When enabled, the joystick works withing the limits. When disabled, the joystick works in a range (defined by the limits), but it can be outside of the defined range (with the springs/push).
    • MAX : Set the maximum value (move the joystick to reach the desired value, and then set the value by pressing the Max button)
    • MIN : Set the minimal value (move the joystick to reach the desired value, and then set the value by pressing the Min button)
  • Black 1X / 2X : When black is set to 2X, the range will be divided by two, allowing a higher precision. The parameter is toggled each time the button is pressed.
  • Iris / ND / Shutter : When the Iris / ND / Shutter is pressed, the joystick is reconfigured to use the desired control. For example, for cameras that have continuous ND filters, the configuration can be set to ND. The joystick will then control the ND filters instead of the iris.
  • Cam Lock : This setting allows to lock the iris joystick to a camera. To use the lock, select the camera on the RCP (with next/prev buttons), and then press "Cam Lock". The camera number will be displayed, and a LOCK icon will be visible on the main screen.
  • GEAR icon : Access the technical menu

To go back to the main view, press the PREVIEW button (green button).

Technical menus

During loading, press the GEAR icon to active the technical menu. Or, on the main screen, hold the Iris Joystick shaft and then press the preview, and then the GEAR icon.

This menu allows to calibrate and assign the RCP (see Configuration of this page). In addition, a menu can display information about the iris joystick, such as IP address, MAC address, firmware version, and error codes.

The Reboot button will reboot the iris joystick. The iris joystick can be forced in bootloader mode, to update the internal firmware with the latest available, by performing the following sequence :

  1. Press and hold the Scene 1 and 2 buttons
  2. Press the "Reboot" buttons (in the iris joystick technical menu)
  3. After 3 seconds, release the Scene 1 and 2 buttons