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Camera groups


This feature allows to create camera groups, with the ability to control each camera of a group at the same time. Grouping cameras can be used when an adjustement must be done on multiple cameras at the same time. For example, to recall a position on PTZ cameras, or to perform a white balance.

Group configuration

Groups are configured directly in the Configuration Web UI. Once all the cameras are configured, groups can be added on the Tags field.

  1. First, create your camera configuration. In this example, the configuration contains two cameras in a stadium on each goal, and two VP4 channels
  1. Click on the camera you want to add in a or multiple groups, and set your groups in the Tags field. Groups are defined with the keywork group:, followed by the group name. Each groups must be separated by a comma. For example : group:Group1, group:Group2.
  1. Set the desired group name for each cameras that must be grouped. Each camera can have up to height groups. Group names are case sensitive, can contains only alpha-numeric characters plus "_" and "-".

Using groups on RCP

Each RCP contains a default group named "All". Even when no groups are configured, the "All" group is accessible from the RCP, and allows to control every camera set in the configuration.

  • The group menu can be accessed by pressing and holding the Preview button, and selecting the Groups tab.
  • On the group menu, groups can be selected by pressing the on-screen button. Once a group is selected, it is highlighed in orange, and the an orange line is displayed around the screen.
  • To close the group menu, release the preview buton.

  • When a group is selected, the orange line around the screen remains.

  • Finally, to unselect a group, enter again in the group menu, and press on the selected group to unselect it. Changing camera also automatically unselect the group.