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Tally Input Configuration


Cyanview products have built-in tally routing capabilities.

Tally input:

Tally input

Probel IP

If you're using VSM, first configure it properly following this guide

  • Link your camera to corresponding inputs
  • Optional: link your RCP to an auxiliary output
  • Configure which output is the live (generates red tally)
  • Optional : configure which output is the preview (generates green tally)

Here is an example:

  • I have 3 cameras : cam A (number 1), cam B (number 2) and cam C (number 3)
  • cam A is plugged on input 1
  • cam B is plugged on input 2
  • cam C is plugged on input 5
  • RCP is on output 8
  • Tally red is based on output 6
  • Tally green is based on output 7

This will:

  • Link the input of the corresponding camera with the outout 8 each time the camera is changed on the RCP
  • Generate a tally output to the corresponding camera when one of the camera (cam A, cam B or cam C) is live
  • Generate a tally output to the corresponding camera when one of the camera (cam A, cam B or cam C) is in preview


First, configure your ATEM properly following this guide

Same concept as Probel/VSM setup described above


TSL is active by default. To configure it, select the block in the Components section.

The RCP works as a Multiviewer where the TSL display ID is the camera number. It supports TSL 3.1 and 5.0 in both UDP or TCP. It is a TSL server, so you have to add the RCP IP as being the IP of the screen in your TSL client manager (switcher, etc.).

If you click on the TSL block, you can change the default configuration:

  • Active: enable/disable the TSL server of the RCP
  • Version:
    • TSL 3.1 where TSL "Tally 1" bit is assigned to camera green tally, and TSL "Tally 2" bit is assigned to camera red tally. "Tally 3 and 4" bits are ignored.
    • TSL 5.0 implementation checks the Left Hand and Right Hand bits for tally colors Red or Green: Red bit (0) or Red bit (4) are assigned to camera red tally, Green bit (1) or Green bit (5) are assigned to camera green tally. Text tally state bits (2-3) are ignored.
    • TSL 5.0-LR implementation which assigns any Left Hand tally bit to camera Green tally, and any Right Hand tally bit to camera green tally, independently of the color defined by the protocol. This is similar to TSL 3.1 which had no color definition. Ross or FOR-A TSL use this convention.
  • Transport: UDP or TCP
  • Port: the port on which the RCP TSL server listens
  • Synchronise Labels: renames the cameras with the TSL UMD labels. If the box is ticked, the names are continuously synchronized with the TSL labels. "Once now" will only update the names once with the labels that have been received so far.

Whether using TSL 3.1 or 5.0, the important point is to assign the camera number to the display index on the TSL client. TSL 3.1 only has a single index (possible named address) but TSL 5.0 has both a primary screen index and a display index. The screen index is ignored, the display index is used to match the camera number. In a multiviwer, this would correspond to the index of the video picture inside the multiview layout.

If TSL 5.0 doesn't seem to be working, check that the tally information is properly sent to either the Left Hand or Right Hand Lamp states and not the Text Tally state as this one is ignored. TSL preferences vary, some use green left, red right, others use both lamps to show red or green, while the text might always be red whether tally is red or green. This is the reason why we can't rely on the text tally bits to get the correct tally color.


Two use cases:

  • If your GPIs are close to the RCP, you can connect CY-CBL-JACK-GPIO8 on your RCP
  • If you want GPIO over ethernet/WiFi/4G, you can use a NIO

To setup:

  • Open the GPIO page of the RCP.

  • Associate the GPIO Inputs with your camera. Select Red Tally and click the cell at the intersection of the GPI row and CAMERA column.


In this example:

  • GPI 1 will trigger a red tally on my camera 1
  • GPI 2 will trigger a red tally on my camera 2
  • GPI 3 will trigger a red tally on my camera 3
  • GPI 4 will trigger a red tally on my camera 7

You can also control the input polarity:

  • Set the input level (H-L) according to your wiring
  • Click on L to toggle between H and L

The CY-CBL-JACK-GPIO8 pins are default high. Select (L) to activate Tally at low polarity, and (H) for high polarity.

Green tally is configured the same way:


In this example:

  • GPI 2 will trigger a red tally on my camera 2
  • GPI 5 will trigger a green tally on my camera 2

Tally status

In the RCP Web UI, the tally status is visible in the Configuration page.


On RCP screen, the camera name background displays the tally color.