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Advanced mode


The advanced mode allow you to setup advanced parameters for your serial cameras: Dreamchip, Marshall, etc.

Toggle advanced mode

Advanced mode toggle

  • [step 0] In the RCP Configuration UI, click on your camera
  • [step 1] In the top right corner, click on the dots ...
  • [step 2] Then click on the popup message to toggle (the actual status is displayed, here : OFF)

Advanced setup

In the Camera Head section:

  1. Speed : allows you to change the baudrate between the CI0/RIO and your camera.
  2. Bidirectional : when unchecked, communication is unidirectionnal, RCP send data, but doesn't expects anything. Can be useful for HF with half-duplex modems.
  3. Delay : only when bidirectional is active, allows to configure an additional timeout delay. Can be useful for HF with full-duplex modems that have induce some delays (in the Rx/Tx switch for example).