Tally Configuration


According to the production setup, Cyanview Devices provides different solutions to enable Tally.

GPIO Input#

  • Add your camera to the RCP.

  • Connect the CY-CBL-JACK-GPIO8 to your RCP.

  • Open the GPIO page of the RCP.

  • Associate the GPIO Inputs with your camera. Select Red Tally and click the cell at the intersection of the GPI row and CAMERA column.


Note: Green Tally is configured the same way.


In this example camera 2 supports both Red and Green Tally. Red tally is configured on GPI 2:I2 and Green Tally on GPI 2:I5.

  • Set the input level (H-L) according to Tally controller's output. The CY-CBL-JACK-GPIO8 pins are default high. Select (L) to activate Tally at low polarity, and (H) for high polarity.

Tally status#

In the RCP Web UI, the Tally status is visible in the Configuration page.


On RCP screen, the camera name background displays the tally color.



The CI0 and RIO acts as a Tally outputs. By default they display the Tally signal on the LED of their casing. Those LED are represented by the 1,2:LED columns in GPO .


CIO and RIO can be configured to output Tally via their connector port.

Use the CY-CBL-6P-PWR cable to drive a Tally signal.


Configure the Tally to toggle the PWR pin on your CI0.


In this example the camera 3's tally status is associated with 1:PWR pin of CI0-20-57.