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4G Internet Connection


4G Internet connection of RIO, RCP, NIO via 4G USB dongle.

We recommend to take 4G USB + WiFi AP versions of the dongles. They are much easier to configure from a smartphone/laptop and monitoring on the field as you connect over wifi instead of having to install drivers and software.

  • US:
  • Europe:
    • HUAWEI E8372h-320 (4G USB + WiFi AP)
    • HUAWEI E3372h-320 (4G USB)
  • Australia:
    • HUAWEI E8372h-608 (4G USB + WiFi AP)
    • HUAWEI E3372h-608 (4G USB)

We support all E8372h-xxx and E3372h-xxx.

You can probably find some variants or older versions, check with your local network operator for compatibility.

Example: in Europe,

  • we recommand E8372h-320 and HUAWEI E3372h-320
  • but HUAWEI E3372h-153 and HUAWEI E3372h-153 will works too (older version, less bands supported)

Also working in europe: ZTE MF833V


  • Use your computer to configure your 4G Dongle.
  • Configuration examples are based on the HUAWEI E3372h LTE USB Stick.
  • Check that your SIM is inserted in the modem
  • Depending on your OS you will maybe need to install some drivers (windows, mac)
  • After this step, the modem configuration webpage will open automatically

Dongle Configuration

The webpage may differ based on model and version, but parameters to check are the same:

  • PIN
  • APN/login/password
  • Roaming
  • DHCP range should be different from to avoid conflicts

To configure your modem:

  1. Click the Settings TAB.
  1. Important: Enable Data Roaming.
  1. Open Profile Management.
  2. Create a New Profile.
  1. Enter New Profile information, Important: specify the APN of the SIM's ISP.
  1. If your SIM requires a PIN Code, entre the PIN Code in the Security -> PIN management page.

Verify the internet access

Now that your modem is correctly configured, check that you have internet:

  • Ensure to disable all your other internet sources (ethernet, wifi, etc.) to only keep 4G USB

  • Open in a browser and verify the connection by performing the speed test.


Cyanview device connection

  1. Connect the 4G Dongle to the CY-RCP using the USB port on the back.
  1. USB extension may be required as some 4G USB modems are too large to fit there.

  2. You can check that the RCP is correctly connected to internet by checking this page on your RCP.

For all other devices (RIO, NIO, etc.), any USB port will work.