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WiFi Nano AP setup

This guide is intended to provide a WiFi connectivity to Cyanview devices:

  • CI0 : to control a camera over WiFi (Blackmagic, etc.) schema 1
  • RIO : to get internet using WiFi
  • RCP : to connect to a LAN using WiFi schema 2
  • IP/Ethernet Camera : to control it over WiFi (PTZ, BGH1, etc.) schema 3

You have various way to achieve that, the one presented here is using a TP Link nano router.


You can find the documentation here

  • step 1 Connect your TPLink to its USB power supply
  • step 2 Connect your device to the ethernet port of the TPLink
  • step 3 Check on the sticker to find the SSID/Password and connect to it with your laptop
  • step 4 Navigate to and login using the password (default is admin/admin)

Now, you should setup the TPLink in Client mode:

  • It will connect to a WiFi AP
  • And act as a bridge between Ethernet and WiFi

You should ensure to setup this parameter:

  • Connect the TPLink to the good WiFi AP
  • Mode should be Client
  • Keep Smart IP to have the bridge mode

Your setup should look like this:

After validating, the TPLink will reboot, you will be disconnected and the setup is applied.

Now every device plugged on the ethernet will be accessible over WiFi.