Scene Management

Scenes allows to Load/Save/Copy RCP painting settings.

The painting settings are stored in memory blocks identified by a number.

Each camera have 100 memory blocks numbered from 0 to 99.

Attention, the 0 memory block is used to reset the camera to factory settings.

These painting settings memory blocks are saved with the RCP configuration, see snapshots.

Save/Load a camera#

To Load/Save a camera, the process is the same.

  • Select Load, select the active camera to load the configuration to, select the memory block to load from, press Apply.
  • Select Save, select the active camera that will be saved, select the memory block to save to, press Apply.

Note: Saving to an already used memory block will overwrite the preceding configuration.

  1. Press Save or Load.
  2. Use the Preview Button Group to select the active camera number.
  3. Select the memory slot with corresponding rotary encoder.
  4. Press Apply.

Copy camera settings#

To copy the settings of a camera to an other, Load the painting settings of an origin camera and save it to a destination camera.

  1. Make destination camera the active camera of the RCP with Previous/Next buttons (ie: camera 02).
  2. Press Load.
  3. Select the origin camera (ie: camera 01) you want to load the settings from via corresponding rotary encoder.
  4. Select the memory slot of origin camera with corresponding rotary encoder.
  5. Press Apply.

Save/Load All#

Save/load all configured camera painting settings.

The selected memory block is the same for all the camera. If 1 is selected settings of each camera will be saved to their respective block 1.

Choose a memory block empty for all the camera to avoid overwriting already existing settings.

  1. Press Save / Load.
  2. Press All button to select all camera.
  3. Select the memory slot with corresponding rotary encoder.
  4. Press Apply.