RCP Manual

RCP Operation#

RCP controls#



A 1s press locks/unlocks the RCP panel. When the RCP is locked, the screen is dimmed, but is still refreshed. In this mode, the buttons and encoders have no effects.

Pressing the Lock button for more than 5 seconds and then release it will switch off the RCP. It can be switched on by pressing the Lock button again.


Push the encoder to switch between master black and black gamma. A timeout will reselect Master Black by default.

Master Black


Black Gamma



The MODE button switches the exposure function of the rotary encoder. When nothing is highlighted, Exposure defaults to Iris if available on the camera otherwise Gain.


RCP Screen#

  • Menu overview
  • Menu navigation

Values represented by '--' are functions not supported by that camera model.


Change the active camera by pressing the left or right buttons.

If a router integration has been configured, switching camera on the RCP will also switch the router to the same camera.


The PREVIEW button sends a preview/touch-down signal via the optional RCP GPIO dongle or recalls the selected camera on the router.

Supported protocols are: Probel (VSM, Cerebrum, ROSS, GV, etc.), Evertz Quartz, Blackmagic, etc...

RCP Configuration#

Powering the RCP#

The RCP can be powered from PoE or using an external 12V power supply.

  • PoE 802.3af

  • DC Input: +12V 200mA (acceptable range: 9V to 24V)

    Mating Power Plug: switchcraft S762K or equivalent (2.1x5.5mm)


RCP Update#

Make sure your RCP runs our latest releases.

Please refer to the device update manual.


RCP has several web management UI.

Main configuration UIIPWhere camera, vision,... can be configured. see Configuration Web UI
System UpdateIP:8080see Product Update page.
Discovery pageIP/dev/discovery.htmlDiscovery page.
Advanced UIIP/dev/app.htmlAdvanced Configuration UI.
RCP DashboardIP:5000Presents extended RCP statuses.
ReleaseIP/dev/release.htmlAdditional release status page.


The RCP menu will be reviewed in the future. It currently shows information on IP addresses, software versions, GPIO status and other diagnostic information.


  • IP Address, your RCP's fixed ip, can be ping to verify the network access.
  • MAC Address, allows to setup your network component like firewall or switches.
  • DHCP Address, IP address received from the network DHCP server if available.

System Screen#


Shows version of the different software components of the RCP.

  • OS version
  • Application version
  • Firmware version
  • Bootloader version


GPIO dongle for tally and preview#

The CY-CBL-JACK-GPIO8 is an extension dongle that plugs at the back of the RCP and provides 8 inputs/outputs on a DB9 connector. Up to 2 dongles can be connected for a total of 16 GPIO.


  • The 3,5 Jack can be connected to the back of the RCP.
  • The Female DB9 presents the IO pins.

The dongle can be used to ingest tally from contact closures, and to output contact closure for preview/touchdown control. The configuration is handled from the GPIO page of the RCP web interface.

  • pinout

The GPIO dongle has an internal pull-up to 5V so can be used directly with a contact closure. When used as output, it will set the selected pin to GND having the same effect as a contact closure.


It is now frequent to use a common GND for signaling. Care must be taken to connect the GND of multiple equipments together otherwise an input pin might appear as permanently activated (contact closed) on either the RCP or the other equipment such as a router.

  • Status

The GPIO dongle can be monitored by pushing the Menu button then select GPIO Menu tab.


The status of the 8 port of each GPIO is represented by 1 or 0.

- Input 5 low = 1 1 1 1 0 1 1 1

RCP Frame Dimension#


Mounting RCP Frame#

RCP frame is composed of a frame and a filler part.

RCP and filler frame are mounted via M2 3mm Flat Head screws (provided).


RCP can be aligned at the bottom of the frame (option A) or at the top (option B).