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Sony FX9

Camera wiring




You can refer to this guide to setup the RCP WiFi.

Camera control

Auto Iris ON/OFF
Master Black/pedestal
White Balance ( Red gain & Blue Gain)
Color temperature balance
Auto White balance
ATW (Auto Tracing White) ON/OFF
Black Balance (Red Black & Blue Black)
ND filter ( Only preset recalls : Clear, Preset 1, 2, 3)
Master Gain (3 dB step increment)
Detail ON/OFF
Detail level
Detail H/V ratio
Detail Crispening
Detail Frequency
Detail Knee Aperture ON/OFF
Detail Knee Aperture level
Detail White limit, Black limit, V detail creation
Matrix ON/OFF
Multi Matrix ON/OFF, vector select ,Hue & Saturation
Call, Green and Red Tally
Camera Menu Control
Lens (zoom, focus)

Camera configuration


  • Ensure login is admin
  • Ensure password is Abcdef123

Remote control

Navigate to Menu > Technical > RCP and ensure to set:

  • CNS mode to Bridge


Navigate to Menu > Technical > Tally and ensure to set:

  • Tally Control to RCP


For ethernet control: Navigate to Menu > Network > Wired LAN and ensure to set:

  • Setting to On
  • Camera Remote Control to Enable
  • Detail Settings according to your network setup (DHCP or static)

Here is an example of static IP setup (Menu > Network > Wired LAN > Detail Settings):


To connect your camera to an existing WiFi: Navigate to Menu > Network > Wireless LAN and ensure to set:

  • Setting to Station

Navigate to Menu > Network > ST Mode Settings and ensure to set:

  • Camera Remote Control to Enable
  • Connected Network to enter your WiFi SSID/password and static/DHCP

Same with the Access Point mode. Don't forget to activate Camera Remote Control

RCP/RIO configuration

Setup a new camera via the RCP Configuration UI:

  • Enter a custom number, name, etc.
  • Select Sony brand
  • Select Sony FX9 for the protocol
  • Enter the IP of your camera

If your camera is in a different range than your RCP. Follow this guide

This should looks like this:

And once correctly connected, it should be green:

B4 lens

If you want to add a CineServe, Cabrio or any B4 lens to your FX9, you can find more information here