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Supported Camera

  • ILCE-1 : Sony Alpha 1, Alpha one
  • ILCE-9M2 : Sony Alpha 9 II, Alpha 9 Mark 2
  • ILCE-7RM4A : Sony Alpha 7R Mark 4 and Mark 4 A
  • ILCE-7RM4 : Sony Alpha 7R Mark 4
  • ILCE-7SM3 : Sony Alpha 7S Mark3
  • ILCE-7C : Sony Alpha 7 C
  • ILME-FX3 : Sony FX3
  • DSC-RX0M2 : Sony RX0 Mark 2

These cameras can be controlled directly from the RCP or via a RIO (local or remote).



  • Iris (FSTOP)
  • Gain (ISO)
  • Shutter
  • Red gain (A-B)
  • Blue gain (G-M)
  • White Balance
  • Auto : Focus, Gain, White Balance
  • REC control

Coupling your setup with a VP4 would allow multi-matrix and extended shading capabilities.

Tally is not present on the camera, but it can be added by via a RIO port as Tally output using a cy-cbl-6p-pwr. See Tally configuration page.


  • Connect the USB Type-C* terminal on the camera to the RIO / RCP with a USB DATA capable. Cable that should be provided with camera.

  • Deactivate power over USB as RIO/RCP cannot charge the DSLR over USB.

    • MENU → (Setup) → USB → USB Power Supply → desired setting (OFF).

(*) Micro USB For DSC-RX0M2.


  • Upgrade DSLR firmware to the latest version using Sony software.

  • If you have a motorised lens, ensure it is in AUTO

  • Ensure no micro USB is plugged (DJI gimbal, etc.) and only USB-C in your DSLR (will conflict and only one of them will work, random)

  • Ensure Control w/ Smartphone is Off

    • MENU → (Network) → |Transfer/Remote| → |PC Remote Function| → Off
  • Ensure Remote Control is activated.

    • **MENU → (Network) → |Transfer/Remote| → |PC Remote Function| → PC Remote Cnct Method → USB

  • Connect camera to RIO or RCP using the USB cable.

  • Add the Camera to the RCP configuration via the RCP Configuration UI.

    • Select Sony brand.
    • Select DSLR model.
      • If your DSLR is connected, in a compatible firmware version, it should be listed.
      • By default "*" is selected, meaning we connect to the first one plugged (you can unplug this DSLR and plug another one, will work).
      • If you select the DSLR serial, it will only works with the configured one.

The REC/STOP buttons are on your RCP Camera > OSD.


White Balance not controlable

Ensure to change ATW to Off in your RCP Camera > WB > ATW

Some parameters are displayed but don't change

Depending on the mode, some informations will either be fixed or auto, but in both cases, read-only. Change mode (to M, S&Q, etc.) or check next point.

Still not working

You can navigate on your RCP to Camera > OSD and click on RESET. This will try to change settings of your DSLR to M (manual white balance, manual focus, etc.).