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Sony 8-Pin


This guide covers the different Sony cameras that have a 8Pins Remote Connector.


These camera can be controlled directly from a CI0 (local) or via a RIO (remote).



Connect the Remote connector terminal on the camera to the CI0 / RIO with a CY-CBL-6P-SONY-8-01. In the remote configuration, the RIO can be powered by the camera.



  • Connect the camera to the CI0 / RIO with a CY-CBL-6P-SONY-8-01 cable.
  • Power ON the camera.
  • Add the Camera to the RCP configuration via the RCP Configuration UI.
    • Select Sony brand.
    • Select Legacy model.
    • Select the CI0 / RIO and port on which the camera is connected to.
    • Open the RCP menu : Cam > Tally, try to turn ON and OFF tally Red encoder.
    • If Tally works, you're good to go.
    • If Tally does not work, in the same Cam > Tally menu, try to turn ON and OFF the Call encoder.
    • If Call is working but not Tally RED, then change the camera model from Legacy to Camcorder.

Note on RS422

Some cameras needs to be configured in RS422 (HXC-D70, CA-FB70, etc.) to work properly with our system.

You can find an example on how to change that here.

Search for section Outputting Trunk Signal.