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B4 Lens


The goal is to setup a lens control in parallel of the camera control.

Use case:

  • when the camera cannot control the lens (dreamchip atom one + B4 ENG lens)
  • the lens is not compatible (FX9 + cabrio lens) with the camera

When changing:

  • iris/zoom/focus, we will send it to the lens
  • shading, we will send it to the camera and it is transparent for the vision engineer on the RCP.


ENG lens for specialty

Required cable : CY-CBL-6P-B4-01.

B4 lens for D-Cinema

Required cable:

Compatible Cyanview device

  • CI0/RIO-live for local (LAN)
  • RIO for remote control (internet)

Advantage of each solution:

  • CI0 is acting as a serial/IP converter. If the link between RCP/CI0 is broken or unstable, lens will not be controlled anymore and iris will close/reset.

  • RIO-live is a CI0, but with the brain of a RCP (all the protocol). If the link between RCP/RIO-live is broken or unstable, lens is still controlled by the RIO-live.

  • RIO same as RIO-live, but can control multiple cameras and has cloud connectivity.


  • Iris
  • Zoom
  • Focus


  • Setup your camera as usual following one of the guide available (here, I will show the setup with an FX9)
  • In the configuration tab, click on your camera
  • In the right tab, scroll down to Lens block:
    • Select B4 Generic
    • Select your CI0/RIO and the port on which the lens is plugged

If you only need the Iris control and let zoom/focus controlled by the cameraman, on your RCP:

  • Click on Lens, to open the lens menu
  • Click again on Lens, to open the second page of the lens menu
  • Click on Z/F En to disable it (only Iris En should be highlighted with white background)

This should looks like this:

And once correctly connected, it should be green: