EVS Hypermotion


This document will cover the main aspects of the EVS-Hypermotion configuration and operation. The configuration section will explain how to integrate the EVS with the Cyanview RCP. The second section will describe how to operate this setup. Extended information can be found in the Cyanview support site.


This guide assumes that you have a slow motion camera already configured on your RCP (Atom SSM500 in our guide). Please refer to the Serial Camera getting started guide for basic camera configuration.


For extended information about the EVS configuration and operation, please refer to the EVS documentation available here.


To integrate the EVS to the Cyanview RCP, the RCP will be configured as an hypermotion camera into the EVS.
That will allow the RCP to perform all the protocols conversion to abstract the camera origins and compatibility from the EVS.

At first we need all the devices to connect to each other via the network. to do so, we need to check the EVS IP and apply it to the Cyanview RCP.

step 1 Connect to the EVS Web UI and open the Server TAB.


step 2 Check the Configured PC LAN address.


step 3 Connect to the Cyanview RCP and open the configuration TAB.

step 4 Click the IP Connection panel

step 5 Add a new IP to the RCP interface.

step 6 Click the + (plus) button to add a new IP address.
Chose Static and specify the IP Address and the IP Mask.

The devices can now "see" each other in the network, lets configure the RCP as a Hypermotion Camera in the EVS.

step 1 Connect to the EVS Web UI and open the Operator TAB.


step 2 Scroll to the Hypermotion Camera section.

step 3 Set the following parameters:

  • Port: should be the Lan PC
  • Protocol: 7115
  • IP adress: RCP's new IP
step 4 Click Apply