Dreamchip Atom One 4K miniature camera provide remote control and multiple direct access functions over serial protocol. A typical setup consists of a CI0 IP to serial interface to control the camera over IP from an RCP.

Cyanview camera control features and workflows#

  • Unlimited number of cameras and models supported from a single RCP
  • Camera control over IP using a CI0 or RIO interface
  • Camera control over the internet and cellular networks using RIO
  • Support of camera bus for up to 8 cameras per serial port
  • Compatible with serial modems for wireless camera control

Main Adjustments#

OSD menusAll functions available
ExposureIris1,2, Shutter, Gain, Auto Exposure
White balanceAuto (ATW), One Push, Manual
Primary correctionsMaster Black1 , Master Gamma, Color Gains, Saturation
Lens2Iris, Focus, Auto focus, Zoom
OtherDetail Enhancement, Digital Zoom1, White Clip

1: not supported on all models
2: on zoom block cameras


The setup of your Dreamchip Atom One 4K miniature camera is a standard manipulation in the Cyanview workflow. Please use our Serial Camera Setup Guide to perform the installation. You only need the CI0 Adaptor Cable for Dreamchip Cameras (CY-CBL-DREAMCHIP-01) to do the connection. If your DreamChip ATOM one 4K mini is in another location, please make use of the CI0 Camera Extension Cable CY-CBL-6P-EXT(0,5-1-3-5m).