How do I access Cyanview device?#

Most of the Cyanview devices have a Web UI. It is accessible via the device's IP or DNS Name.

Find the IP of your device.#

Default IP or DNS Name can be deduced from the device's serial number.

  • SN: CY-RCP-25-250
  • IP:
  • DNS Name: cy-rcp-25-250.local

Verify your PC's network configuration.#

The PC's network settings should be like:

IP: 10.192.x.y
Network Mask:

10.192.X.Y being a unique IP on the network.

TCP/IP references:

Understand TCP/IP addressing and subnetting basics

Change TCP/IP settings in Windows 10 Windows 8.1 Windows 7

How to Set a Static IP Address in Mac OS X

How To Change IP Address on Linux

Why CI0 shows X?#

The 'X' status means that the CI0 is not connecting to any RCP.

This issue has many possible reasons generally related to network issues.


Check devices IP#

see: How do i access cyanview device

  1. Verify the IP of your CI0
  2. Verify the IP of your RCP
  3. Set your PC address


  1. Verify the RCP is accessible on the network by opening it's UI.

If the RCP is not accessible, the Network issue on RCP leg.


  1. Ping your CI0 address from your PC.

If the CI0 does not respond to the ping, the Network issue on CI0 leg.

Is Cisco Portfast an asset?#

The Cisco Portfast feature eases the Cyanview devices communication. It is advised to enable it. Configuration is available Here.

What is discovery?#

Cyanview device have an automatic discovery functionality.

RCP will discover Cyanview devices connected to the network.

When connecting a new Cyanview device to the network, it is automatically discovered by the already present RCP.

The discovery page displays the list of the discovered devices.

This allows easy network configurations verification.

What is RCP dashboard?#

The dashboard page is an extended monitoring page.

URL: [Cy-RCP IP/DNS name]:5000

From the dashboard page, you can:

  • Verify the RCP health (memory, temperature, etc...).
  • Execute ping command.
  • Use the MQTT client interface.