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Release 22.1

· 3 min read

This article covers the most important changes that come with this release.

You can find a detailed changelog here


This update introduce:

  • Some new cameras
  • Some improvements on existing cameras
  • Various bugfixes

We will go through important changes included in this release.

Summary of camera supported

We added new camera:

  • AIDA NDI 200
  • BR Camball
  • Panasonic AWHE42

And added the following changes


We change the name of Canon LANC to Remote A to be more consistant with Canon naming. But nothing changed except the name displayed in the GUI.

The integration guide is updated.


The FX9 is controlled by two protocols : Sony IP (Sony 700) and Sony CBM. You had to create 2 different cameras on our system to have full control. Now, we merged everything in a single model: FX9.

The integration guide is updated.

The camera behave differently depending on the protocol used (Sony IP, Sony CBM). And in combined mode (model FX9 in the GUI), you will have:

  • Gain with 3db steps
  • ND filter presets only

So if you absolutely need the variable ND filter, you need to change the model from FX9 to CBM in the GUI, but you will lose:

  • tally
  • black control
  • multi matrix As this is only available in the Sony IP (and then Sony FX9).

Sony Mirrorless

Models: A7S3, FX3, etc.

We are supporting the sony Mirrorless for some time now. At the moment, only USB control is supported on Sony protocol.

Depending on the mode (S&Q, movie, etc.), some controls are read-only. In the past, we supported only S&Q M and Movie M. Now we support all modes, if a value is read-only, it will be displayed, but you will not be able to change it.

We also added more control:

  • WB : you can now switch from AWB to manual white balance
  • REC/STOP : you can now trigger and stop recording on the device
  • Auto : auto gain, auto focus

The integration guide is updated.

VP4 audio

In the past, we didn't supported audio at all in the VP4 as it was designed first for mini camera matching. We integrated audio last year, but some user reported issue in some specific setup.

This was due to incorrect audio channel parsing on our side. This is now fixed, you need to upgrade your VP4 by following this procedure.

Getting started

This update doesn't require a SWU if your OS is already in 21.10 or newer.

So you can simply update using the web interface by following this guide.

If you're in an older version than 21.10, please use this procedure to update both the OS and the app.